Get inspired by new techniques and tools wich can helps you develope you own productions. See your knowledge gain as your productions getting better and better.


You´ll get opotunity to learn the latest creative techniques in modern music production. At the same time you will get to know the basics and fundaments in musicproduction, audio & mixing.


Innovation Studio Education will let you met with new people, other creatives and future potential co workers. During the events you will also have the opportunity to learn from others experiences.

- This is what you can expect from the education event -

3 hours with techniques, tips & theory in modern music production
Unique designed session with you in mind
30 min q & A
Snacks & mingle with other creatives
pictures from the event for posting on social media
Digital goodie bag with my favourite samples right now

Events cancelled due to covid-19.
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1. mixing tips

3. How to produce & mix drums?

5. How to mix vocals?

2. How to produce beats?

4. Saturation knob

6. Produce synths